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Iris Diagnosis:

lymphatic constitution with a tendency to weakness of the upper respiratory tract and lungs

Also skin problems and allergic conditions can be a central problem.

The nervous system may need support as well, especially in times of ongoing stress -
there is a tendency to chronic exhaustion.

Nourishing and building with vitamins and minerals is important.

Iris Diagnosis:

this shows a highly acidic iris - the person is prone to inflammation and needs to alkalise the system by including fresh vegetable juices and a lot of vegetables into their diet.

The nervous system is in need of support and this person is suffering from chronic exhaustion due to long-term stress.

Addition of a good mineral supplement will be of great benefit.

Iris Diagnosis:

lymphatic constitution with central heterochromia. This iris indicates that there is the tendency to lymphatic congestion, upper respiratory tract infections (common cold & flu) as well as increased risk of bladder infections and cystitis

There is an increased likelihood to develop food allergies and arthritis later on in life. The iris also shows that digestive problems are likely, with reduced secretion of digestive juices and an overgrowth of bad bacteria and candida in the gut

Blood sugar imbalances are likely. Those signs are all constitutional, so depending on diet and lifestyle, they may or may not be present.

Iridology now helps to detect those personal traits and with the right diet and lifestyle choices steps can be taken to prevent disease development in future.

Iris Diagnosis:

the pancreas is one of the main areas that need to be supported for the person with this iris.

There is a tendency to a fluctuating blood sugar levels, which can the affect particularly the sensitive nervous system, giving rise to anxiety or even panic attacks

The lymphatic system has got a tendency to sluggishness and congestion. A detox program would be excellent to rid the body of an excess of metabolic waste products and toxin accumulation.

Iris Diagnosis:

this iris shows that its owner has got a sensitive nervous system and nervous stress impacts greatly on the overall well-being and also functioning of the organs.

The liver/gallbladder would benefit from a support of its detox function with some herbs or supplements, as there is a tendency otherwise for metabolic waste products to be dumped in the tissues, which can create problems in the future.

Iris Diagnosis:

this iris shows that the digestive system is working in a sub-optimal way, it might also be wise to get the colon checked up by medical investigations if there are problems experienced.

The liver would benefit from a detox, and a diet that takes the burden off the liver is recommended

There is a 'cholesterol-ring' seen around the edge of the iris, indicating problems with fat metabolism and a likely elevated level of blood lipids. This needs to be looked into as cardio-vascular health could be at risk.

Iris Diagnosis:

this iris shows us that the digestive system and the liver are the main areas this person will have problems with.

There is a constitutional under-production of digestive enzymes present, which can cause excessive bloating and fermentation in the gut. The liver and gallbladder need support, especially in times of stress and during excessive strain.

There is also a tendency to tension and cramps especially in the abdominal organs present, which will be aggravated when under nervous stress.

This person would do very well on magnesium supplements, tissue salts or celloids to support the nervous system and a detox or liver flush to support the liver/gallbladder in their function.

Iris Diagnosis:

this iris shows constitutionally a tendency to compromised liver/gallbladder function and sub-acute and chronic disease processes are more common.

Digestive system may need support in the form of digestive enzymes or herbal bitters to help with the breakdown of food and assimilation of nutrients.

There is also an allergenic picture present - the patient may suffer from hayfever, or intolerances to certain foods etc.


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