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Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy has been a popular form of therapy since the end of the 19. Century and has its origin in Germany. It was first used for its strong and effective antimicrobial properties and for disinfection of drinking water as well as helping people suffering with cholera and typhus. These days it is used by thousands of doctors and therapists in clinics and hospitals worldwide for its remarkable, unmatched healing properties. Multiple studies that have been conducted show it has far greater benefits than oxygen therapy and its varied application forms make it a sophisticated, powerful and very effective therapy.


The key benefits of ozone therapy are:

Marked reduction of inflammation and pain relief
Increasing circulation (localised and systemic effect)
Improving of wound healing and ulcerations (tremendous results in healing
  open wounds - for example in diabetic patients with 'open legs' or
  in eczema/psoriasis etc)
Strong anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasite and anti-bacterial properties.
  (has been used successfully to kill the ebola virus etc)
Has immune boosting and immune regulatory effects
  (in auto-immune conditions etc)
Boosts the metabolism, raises metabolic rate, effective for weight loss
  (has strong systemic effect but can also be used for localised fat deposits)
Improves cellular respiration and therefore has a direct positive effect on
  cell repair/regeneration
Increases oxygen content in blood and oxygenation of tissues/cells,
  which has rejuvenating effect
Has anti-cancer, cell-protective properties
Deep regulatory stimulus for the whole metabolism and nervous/endocrine



Allergies, hayfever
Intestinal disorders: IBS, constipation, dysbiosis - overgrowth of wrong
  microflora, IBD - Chron's and Ulcerative colitis
Angina pectoris and heart conditions
Circulatory problems, high blood pressure
Low immunity, frequent infections, autoimmune conditions
'open leg', diabetic leg, skin ulcerations, skin infections or other skin
Hairloss and obesity
Chronic viral infections, like Hepatitis and Herpes etc.
Systemic candidiasis in the digestive system (bloating, diarrhea/constipation,
  cramping) or trush
Injuries, especially infected wounds and slow healing wounds Ozone therapy
  can be used to benefit the blood (ozone and blood is mixed and re-infused),
  as rectal or vaginal insufflation, as injection into the muscle or applied to
  the skin for any inflammatory conditions and to stimulate self-healing.

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