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includes a comprehensive Full Naturopathic consultation with dietary advice and full diet plan, massage
1.5 hours, £159

Perfect combination if you lead a busy lifestyle and would like a general naturopathic assessment, with focus on diet - you will get a tailor made diet plan and possible supplement recommendations to ensure optimal health and functioning even when under high stress situations. The massage will help to relax and release tension - perfect to unwind and to re-balance the system

In-Depth Check-up:
includes Full Naturopathic Assessment with Live Blood Analysis, Iridology Assessment and comprehensive Urine and Blood Lipid Analysis
2.5 hours, £400
(incl. CD with images and iris assessment)

Extremely comprehensive check-up for everybody who would like to get an in-depth examination of all systems and organs. Great for anyone who wants to look after their health and would like to get a full health assessment to be able to take preventative measures before disease develops. Also very useful for anyone who is experiencing health problems - acute or chronic - to find out about any underlying problems that may be fuelling the condition, inherited traits which can then be taken preventative care of.

includes comprehensive Full Naturopathic consultation with dietary advice and full diet plan, Live Blood Analysis and MSAS Food sensitivity testing & mineral and vitamin status testing
2 hours, £250
(incl. print outs for MSAS testing)

Whether you think about pregnancy or whether you are already pregnant - this is the ideal check-up for you to make sure you have a healthy pregnancy and your baby has the best conditions for healthy growth and development. The Live Blood Test can reveal nutrient deficiencies and any overall health problems which can affect the healthy development of your baby, whereas the MSAS testing will show whether you are deficient in nutrients or minerals and whether any intolerances to certain foods exist, which can also cause more problems during the pregnancy.

Winter Detox:
includes initial session of Sanguinum Weight-loss program and Full Naturopathic Assessment and Live Blood Testing
1.5 hours, £250

That is the perfect package for you if you would like to lose some excess weight in a healthy and efficient way while still getting an overall health check in the beginning to be able to identify any existing health problems and make sure you reach your ideal weight while enjoying optimal health and well-being.

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