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Research suggests that a large percentage of modern diseases can be directly linked to EMF and chemicals found in the environment, and at least 40% of the population suffers from sensitivities linked to their harmful influence.

Panacea solutions is dedicated to creating a safe living space with the lowest achievable radiation and toxicity levels, using sophisticated equipment to detect hazards and taking into account every aspect of your health while providing bespoke solutions for a healthy, natural life!

Panacea solutions - Your complete and bespoke EMF surveying and toxicity detection partner for your home and work environment!

Building Biology - Definition:

Building biology was founded in Germany more than 20 years ago and is the holistic study of creating a healthy living space, with the lowest levels of radiation and toxin pollution possible while using natural resources to match the man-made environment as closely as possible to the conditions found in nature. It also takes into account the individual health requirements and existing sensitivities, finding solutions to improve health on all levels in a lasting and efficient manner.

Panacea Solution is a complete survey and assessment of your home or work environment using high tech equipment of highest standard to detect accurately and in great detail any hazards present involving radiation (high frequency, low frequency, electromagnetic, radioactivity), environmental toxins and allergens (mould spores, chemicals from any material used in the house), checking air and water quality and geopathic stress. An individual health assessment will focus on dangers of toxins/allergens and radiation on your personal health and will look at present sensitivities, imbalances and any conditions that are ongoing and may be fuelled by environmental factors.

The Panacea survey includes:

Measurement of high frequency radiation in the environment
  (radio and TV, TETRA-digital public safety networks,
  microwave radia relay, mobile radio - GSM, GPRS,
  UMTS, LTE, CDMA, 3G, 4G, radar, DECT cordless phones,
  Wi-Fi, WLAN, Microwave ovens, WiMax etc)
Measurement of low frequency radiation (household appliances,
  dirty electricity, electrosmog, electromagnetic radiation)
Measurement of toxins/allergens/mould spores in the air
Checking of water quality
Detection of geopathic stress
Full environmental, radiation, sensitivity and toxicity health screen

On completion of the survey we will provide you with a full, in depth analysis and results, as well as an extensive list of solutions on how to make your home or work space safer and healthier. We work together with some leading companies in the world who produce sophisticated products to reduce exposure to any dangerous influences and create the perfect healthy environment for you!

We will also present you with an individual treatment plan, tailored to your health concerns and needs, outlining your current health status in great depth and giving detailed instructions on how to make improvements and offering therapy suggestions, which will lead you back on the path to optimal health on all levels.

Panacea Solution is run by a naturopathic doctor and a homeopath, with a combined experience of more than 50 years working in the field of natural medicine. Our great passion and dedication is to make you feel healthy, happy and energetic, free of any diseases in a safe, sustainable and ecological environment. Over our many years of practice we found that even though our patients got better and many found back to optimal health, some would not, even with best efforts, progress beyond a certain stage. We realised that in these cases the environment they were in would contribute to their condition and fuel their ill health - and without removal of the toxic trigger no kind of treatment would enable restoration to full health. We realised how essential a toxin and radiation free environment is to enable healing and maintain optimal health. We hence made it our quest to make people aware of hazards and dangers we are exposed to on a daily basis that can contribute disease and suffering on a major level.

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