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To celebrate the launch of Sanguinum - the medical weight loss program - to the UK, I am offering everyone who is interested to lose weight safely, successfully and in a healthy way 30% OFF the original price.
This is for a limited time only - so book in now for a free information session with a free analysis of your body composition!

Sanguinum works by increasing your metabolic rate, while you follow a healthy, wholesome diet - no starving yourself or feeling hungry.

There is continuous support from the therapist for all questions or concerns you may have, your body composition is checked regularly throughout the whole program, making sure you lose only fat, not muscle mass. Your body will go through a light detox and the remedies you are receiving will help your body to get rid of any toxins that get released from the breakdown of fat tissue safely and efficiently

The important advantage of Sanguinum to other diets is that people will keep their weight off after finishing the main program - there is no 'yo-yo' effect as experienced with most other diets and weight loss programs. The weight stays off and you can go about your normal life slimmer, happier and with renewed energy and improved well-being.

Sanguinum is a medical weight loss solution, that has been running in Germany for over 10 years, more than 20.000 people have lost more than 350.000 kg of weight.
90% of all patients lose a minimum of at least 1-1.5kg/week.

Please click here here or call me to book in for a free non-obligation information session and to take advantage of the free body composition analysis.

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