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Get your Body READY for this Summer!
Offering 20% off all Treatments (exclusive Live Blood Analysis and Sanguinum). Whether you want to look beautiful & in Shape with Cellulite Mesotherapy or whether you want to discover new Facial Rejuvenation Techniques . Whether you want to detox and lose some weight with Sanguinum (the revolutionary new German weight loss system) or whether you'd like to improve energy and well-being with some Biopuncture sessions. You will look stunning for the coming Summer Season! Please have a look at all the different therapies I offer.
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Anna Richardson

Anna Richardson, diet expert and TV presenter, has tested the Sanguinum program for several weeks and she thought it to be fantastic, here is what she says:

"As a journalist and author who has tried every diet in the book I always raise a sceptical eyebrow when a new weight loss system hits the UK. So I was keen to see why Sanguinum has proved to be such a huge success in Europe. The result after two weeks?
I lost 5lbs of pure fat, and more astonishingly 3.5inches from around my waist. Impressive."


Sanguinum Research News

Ancient greek olympian diet perfect for losing the pounds and the years - SANGUINUM the successful German medical weight-loss program is proven to reduce atherosclerosis and knocks 20 years off the body's biological age

A new medical study reveals that Sanguinum significantly reduces the degree of atherosclerosis - the accumulation of debris on the arterial walls - in participants that followed the weight loss plan, which proves that the biological age can be reduced by 20 years. Among other health benefits, the study also reveals that Sanguinum is beneficial for the prevention of diabetes, heart attacks and strokes.

The natural weight loss treatment involves a diet similar to that of the Ancient Greek Olympians, which was high in protein rich vegetables, fish, Greek yoghurt and a balanced amount of fruit and bread. This combination of protein and carbohydrates is known for its success for losing fat and maintaining muscle.

The observation study was carried out over a period of 6 months and the 86 participants were measured for health effects in direct result of following the Sanguinum plan. The women lost on average 16.7kg during the first 3 months, whereas men lost 20.2 kg of weight. Amongst both men and women, it was proven that blood pressure was lowered, blood sugar reduced, lipid levels lessened and the metabolism was stabilized during and after the weight-loss programme. Furthermore, on completing the programme, it could be demonstrated, that the long-term blood sugar levels (HbA1c) were reduced from 5.73 to 5.21, on average. This is equivalent with a 10% reduced risk to develop a cardio-vascular disease in the future.

An important part of the observation was the ultrasound investigation of the artery at the neck, which was performed at participants before and after the weight loss. Thereby Dr. Sprachmann could prove that the thickness of the arterial wall reduces by 0.2mm on average at the end of the Sanguinum program. This indicates a reduction of the biological age by 20 years according to the 'Rotterdam-study', which was published in 1997 in The Lancet. This significant reduction of the degree of atherosclerosis in the vessels markedly minimizes the risk of heart attack, stroke and atherosclerosis. According to the study results, even the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer in later years is greatly reduced.

the full text is also available as pdf, please click here:
Sanguinum Weight-Loss Research

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Sanguinum - Weight Loss

To celebrate the launch of Sanguinum - the medical weight loss program - to the UK, I am offering everyone who is interested to lose weight safely, successfully and in a healthy way 30% OFF the original price.
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Hayfever Season

Spring is starting and so is the hayfever season once again with streaming noses, watery eyes and sneezing attacks.

There are usually some underlying problems present that fuel hayfever and any allergic reactions. It is important to deal with those underlying conditions and not just suppress the symptoms as is usually done with orthodox treatment, as the condition can get worse over time or other problems arise which are connected to the original complaint.

Natural medicine offers a holistic treatment for any allergic conditions, that work on many levels. Firstly an overall assessment of the general health status is important to be able to treat the condition efficiently. Often there are gut problems and dysbiosis present, that need to be corrected. The gastro-intestinal tract and the bacteria it contains are important part of our immune system, if through diet or lifestyle factors the bad bacteria and fungi overgrow the immune system is compromised in its function and often allergies and hayfever can be the result.

Natural Therapies offer a wide range of remedies that aim at restoring balance, correcting immune dysfunction and repair gut dysbiosis. There are herbal remedies, homeopathic preparations, nutritional supplements and acupuncture treatments that I offer to treat hayfever in a natural and holistic way.

Now is the time to act if you are already suffering from hayfever or feel the first symptoms coming on - I can assess your case and give you an individual tailor made treatment program so you will start to feel better with natural remedies that are free of side effects.

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