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Weight Loss - Sanguinum

Sanguinum is a medical weight loss system that directly affects your metabolism and encourages weight loss in a safe, healthy manner that is long-lasting and efficient.

It is also effective for people that have tried many different diets over the years without much success, women that are struggling with their weight after pregnancies or due to other hormonal changes (menopause etc), people that have put on excess weight after they quit smoking, or people who are taking medications that triggered weight gain. Usually with age most people notice it is harder to shift weight- much easier to put on a couple of pounds and so much harder, if not impossible, to lose that weight again.

The reason why in these situations it is so much harder to lose weight, is because the metabolic rate has slowed down. Even regular exercise is not enough, in most cases, to speed up the metabolism efficiently enough, so that a loss of excess weight is possible again. Most diets are actually doing more harm than good, as they are one of the most effective ways to slow down your metabolism even further - exactly what you do not want! That is also why most people find they gain weight again much quicker after they have 'successfully' lost some pounds during a diet - the well known 'yo-yo' - effect. Also, to their dismay, despite the struggle and starving themselves during various diet programs, usually the pounds that are lost are only water and muscle mass and not much fat. While their body will quickly re-gain fat mass once the diet is over, leaving them worse off than before they started the diet in the first place!

Sanguinum is different. This revolutionary weight loss program works by increasing your metabolic rate while following a healthy, wholesome eating plan - there is no starving yourself or feeling hungry!

There is continuous and on-going assistance and support to answer any questions or deal with problems you may have, so you are never on your own during the whole program. The weight is constantly monitored throughout the program with a state-of-the-art body composition analyser. This allows to exactly specify whether you lose fat, water or muscle mass. With Sanguinum you will mainly lose fat while the muscle mass remains constant, which is opposite to most other diet programs. A stable muscle mass will enable you to keep your weight down after finishing the course and prevent quick weight gain as normally experienced when finishing other diets.

During the Sanguinum weight loss program you will experience a natural detox process, which will leave you feeling revitalised, with much more energy and your well-being will be improved on many levels. A great number of people who underwent the Sanguinum program state that they feel better, happier and more energetic than they have felt for years!

The Sanguinum program will normalise your blood sugar levels, so you will not experience sudden hunger pangs during the course and also afterwards. Your body will learn to crave healthy, nutritious foods again while you will experience a natural aversion to empty, unhealthy foods, your taste buds will become sensitive again and you will be able to fully appreciate nutritious foods, while your metabolic rate will be raised during the course and will also stay higher than before after finishing of the course. This will help to go about your normal life while keeping your weight stable, you will feel lighter, healthier and happier with your new dream figure and improved well-being.

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